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  • Corporate Spirit

    "Technological innovation is the motivation for the development of Fountain Can; assured quality is the basis of the prosperity of Fountain Can.

    Since it's foundation in 1980, Fountain Can Corporation has pushed itself at all times. From the beginning, the Corporation has aimed to provide the best aluminum cans for consumers; not only healthy, convenient, with good freshness preservation ability, but also able to be recycled to conform to the spirit of environmental protection.

    In order to upgrade the quality of our aluminum cans and to ensure consumers enjoy more fresh drinks in original flavors, we have also engaged in joint ventures with major manufacturers in Japan and the USA, by introducing various advanced technologies, to allow the public to enjoy higher quality services.
    From Fountain Can's foundation till now, it has been 35 years. However, we still bear the same spirit and self-expectation, to march towards the objectives of product diversification and internationalization."